Insight into how top athletes have been preparing behind the scenes to keep training injury free and optimise their performance this summer

During the past two years, Commonwealth athletes representing all four home nations have visited Gait and Motion Clinics – the UK’s largest network of private healthcare practices which offer dynamic footscan technology and the award-winning, Phits 3D-printed orthotics.

With over 250 specialist sites nationwide, Gait and Motion Clinics help people in all walks of life to keep moving pain free by alleviating a wide range of foot and lower limb complaints such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ITB syndrome, shin splints and runner’s knee.

Following a physical examination with an expert clinician, you complete an advanced gait analysis using footscan technology which monitors your foot mechanics to identify any asymmetries or abnormalities. This provides data that simply cannot be seen by eye or on a treadmill. The footscan intuitively translates your dynamic data in to the design of the Phits orthotics to complement the knowledge of the clinician.

Due to the unique, data-driven design, it’s no surprise why Phits have become a popular choice in the footwear of multiple British and world champion athletes across the spectrum of sport, from running and race-walking, to steeplechase and cycling.

Team England steeplechase representative Zak Seddon states: “I’ve implemented Phits to help with mobility through my big toe and to gain a performance edge. The footscan assessment was really quick and easy and my clinician James provided a great insight into how my feet work. I am very happy and loving the orthotics, especially as I have started a lot of intense work going in to the season!”

Not everyone requires orthotics, but the footscan analysis is still invaluable from an injury prevention and clinical advice perspective. For example, the entire Team GB women’s marathon squad for this summer’s World Championships have all visited their local clinic for their gait assessments.

British marathon champion Charlotte Purdue said: “The gait analysis is a game changer. It makes a real difference knowing that my orthotics are made specifically for me, especially when they’re based on how I move, rather than just standing on a box.

“Being a professional athlete, everything’s got to be so finely tuned, so it has to be customized, really. You couldn’t just go to the shop and get some random orthotics because they wouldn’t be as good. Having the extra percent fitted precisely to your foot is definitely what you need!”