Nail Surgery

About Nail Surgery

Nail surgery is a procedure that involves partial nail avulsion or total nail avulsion under a local anaesthetic. The main reason for a patient to undergo this treatment is if they have painful ingrown nails, painful involuted nails or thickened/damaged nails.

We also offer this procedure for fungal nails.

For partial nail avulsions (PNA) the podiatrist will cut a part of the nail and then apply a chemical called phenol which will prevent that section of the nail to regrow. This is a permanent solution with a success rate of 98%.

For total nail avulsion (TNA) the podiatrist will remove the full nail and either cauterise the nail bed to prevent nail growth or without cauterisation for a total regrowth of a nail depending on individual circumstances.

Causes of ingrown nails

Ingrowing toe nails can be the result of a variety of things. These include:
Poor Nail Cutting
Inappropriate footwear/sports footwear
Invasive medical treatment (e.g Chemo/radio-therapy)

What to Expect

Whilst healing time is around the 6-week mark you will be easily able to walk around and live out your daily routines 1 day after your procedure. Your initial dressing will be chunky and may require you to wear alternative footwear, however once this has been changed, your dressing will be much smaller and you can fit into your usual footwear in most cases.

The procedure is very quick approximately 1 hour and will result in the nail to look healthy once recovered.

For more information or if you are concerned that you may require nail surgery, please feel free to contact us.

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