Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes and Your Feet

Most of us know that diabetes possess risks to our overall general foot health. But not everyone is aware of the full impact that diabetes can have.

The two biggest threats to the diabetic foot are:

1) Diabetic foot ulcers (usually caused by micro or macro trauma)

2) Charcot Neuropathy – which is essentially a bunch of fractured bones in the foot resulting is a majorly misshapen foot.

We advise all diabetic patients to take the necessary precautions and have an annual diabetic foot check ups. These assessments consist of neurological and vascular examinations. The podiatrist will fulfil a series of tests to create an overall health status of your foot.

The two biggest risk factors that lead to ulcerations of the feet are as follows:

Poor peripheral blood flow (to the feet and ankles) – We use an ultrasound device to examine the elasticity of the valves in your arteries.

Lack of sensation/feeling in feet due to fluctuating levels in your blood sugar, causing nerve damage – We use various devices to test the different sensations throughout your feet.

We also offer extensive diabetic foot care advise to make sure you prevent any future complications.

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