Smelly feet are not fun for anyone, especially the owner! Although there are many conditions which cause smelly feet, most if not all relate back to sweat.

Medically known as Bromodosis, it is a very common medical condition, with more than one in ten Brits admitting suffering from smelly feet.

Many people avoid the embarrassment of smelly feet by dodging situations where they may be requested to take off their shoes. In fact 20% of us unfortunately will go as far as allowing stinky feet to affect our love lives.

But, there really is no need to keep your shoes on, as sweaty feet are simple to treat!

Here are our top tips for odourless feet:

Preventing smelly feet

Buy more shoes

You should avoid wearing the same shoes day after day, especially training shoes. Mix it up by getting some extra shoes. Not wearing the same style shoe every day will also help the structure of your feet and your balance.

Allow 24 hours between wears. This will give the shoes a chance to dry out.

Throw away shoes that are beyond saving. Sweat, after all is bacteria, so if you can’t clean or deodorise those shoes then it’s time to let them go. Holding on to shoes that seem to make your feet worse can spread the bacteria to your other foot wear.

Ideally, wear shoes made of leather or a well ventilated trainer. You want to allow your feet to breathe.

Don’t skimp on socks

Always buy socks made of natural fibres, that absorb moisture (sweat-wicking materials).

Buy as many as you can fit in to your sock draw. Of all shapes and colours to fit your shoe style! Changing your socks regularly throughout the day will keep the sweat in the sock reducing the odours that may otherwise linger inside the shoes.

Replacing insoles

As well as replacing your socks, you can also switch out your insoles with odour-reducing or antibacterial insoles.

If you struggle to find the right insole to suit you and your shoe, try an anti-bacterial or disinfecting spray to use on the insoles.

Eat well

Lets face it, it’s going to benefit your whole body, however foods which contain sulphur may also cause smelly feet.

Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and any other plants in the Brassica genus are all foods containing sulphur. Plants in the Allium genus, like onions and garlic, can contribute as well.

Excessive red meat intake, or spicy foods.

Quite frankly there is a lot in a diet that can cause the stink, so as always, maintain a well balanced diet!

Not forgetting alcohol. Again, an excessive amount of alcohol can cause you to sweat more

Keep them clean and dry

Washing your feet on a daily basis is great! But, don’t forget to dry them. Drying your feet correctly is really important to keep nasty bacteria from building up.

Pay close attention to in between the toes and avoid moisturiser (especially if you are struggling to stop the smell).

Use a spray deodorant or antiperspirant on your clean feet. Some people think it works spraying over badly smelling feet, but all you’re doing is masking the odour).

How to treat smelly feet

Treating smelly feet can be very simple, and should not cost the earth.

  1. Remove dead skin, and trim your toes nails.
  2. Invest in a good antibacterial soap and wash your feet, paying special attention to your toes.
  3. Dry them correctly where any wetness can easily cause bacteria to grow.
  4. Throw away shoes which are contributing to your odour.

(you simply cannot get rid of smelly feet and continue to put them in shoes that contain bacteria, so treat everything all on the same day).

Underlying issues of smelly feet –

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress

Smelly feet are a harmless problem that generally clears up, however, it can be a sign of a medical condition. If you have suffered with foot odour for more than 9 weeks and have tried all of the above then book in to see one of our podiatrists who can check on the health condition of your feet, diagnose any underlying issues and help you overcome any foot odour problems.